Friday, March 12, 2010

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the name of yet another southern California band of ladies, very young & plainly very talented. Something About the Chaparrals is the title of their 4-song EP. Initially released, anachonistically, as a 12-inch which then promptly sold out. (I do realize this is like the current hip thing now, but teenage bands in 2010 making actual, vinyl records? Odd!) Anyway, you can download it all for 4 bucks & I think it's pretty cool stuff.

"Luv Goon" is the song that's been circulating for a little while already on the web. It's nicely exuberant & sunny, w/close harmonies & a perky, sliding bassline. I won't link to the other songs, since there's so few of them, but there is some healthy stylistic range here. I like "High Road," which is kind of trippy/dreamy, almost spooky in a way that reminded me of Warpaint.

There's more info about the band here, here, and of course here.


Luv Goon PH (mp3)

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