Monday, March 8, 2010

Sister, Sister

First off I’ll just go ahead & ask, rhetorically, how anybody could not love this album cover.

Vampires with Dreaming Kids is a 4-song EP from NYC band Twin Sister. Some very interesting, very quirky songs here, & the band’s website makes a lot more material available for quick & easy download. So check that out.

I enjoy Twin Sister quite a bit. These are Pop songs, yes, but they are (& this is definitely a Plus) highly-imperfect ones. As with a lot of young(ish) bands, one can’t reliably discern whether they’re deliberately flouting the conventions, or simply missing the mark. Either way, the net effect here is novel, delightful. The songs are clever & surprising.

e.g., “I Want a House” starts out murky & plodding, only to shimmer inexorably up & out from the gloom. By two minutes in, the song is nothing but sunshine, floating & bouncing, daring you not to turn cartwheels.

download here:

TS - I Want a House (mp3)


  1. yeah. that cover is sweet. thanks for this post, i dig.

  2. video of I Want a House from their recent show at Coco66. thanks!