Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Man / Miracle

Can anybody really explain matters of the heart? I mean, hey, sometimes you just fall in love. Who can predict, who can explain? I have attempted for a couple of days now to talk myself out of it, try to maintain some modicum of bloggalistic objectivity or something. But, no: I have been completely 100% sold on this album right from my very 1st listen. Which as of now is, like, ten listens ago. All in the span of I think 3 days. Yeah. Compulsive, me. I truly cannot seem to help myself, I’m just that into it. So yes like I said: It’s Love.

Man/Miracle is the name of this local band. Or, excuse me, it’s: MAN/MIRACLE because these boys are evidently all about the ALL CAPS, as if the band name & song titles must ALWAYS BE SHOUTED or something. OK, but who cares right bc this here band is the goods. THE SHAPE OF THINGS is the name of their debut long-playing endeavor. Go ahead & shout it if you like, I’ll wait.

The band is, first off, crisp & sharp & tight. But not uptight. See, the collective rhythm chops are very solid, & the drumming in particular just exemplifies finesse. But. M/M will still go right ahead & cut loose sometimes w/the big raucous distortion feedback thing just because, Hey that’s fun. & then, they go ahead & change it up. & then change it up again, a new dynamic shift, a new time signature, a new stylistic reference, it’s quick & surprising & just relentlessly smart. (Kind of like the Minutemen, sometimes, if you can believe that (all pause & bow heads now)). A lot of the lead guitar parts are in a sort of spectacular quasi-Afropop mode, throwing down riffs that are simultaneously rhythmic & melodic. Oh, & gorgeous, I hasten to add. (I mean, since I’m in love & all.) Did I mention that it gives me a thrill.

Look, the whole musical package is just ebullient & fabulous & I really think you need to check it out. Go here first to listen, and then go ahead here for the buying part.


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