Saturday, December 5, 2009

Take It From Me -- Track # 18 -- Son Lux

“Stand” by Son Lux
from At War With Walls & Mazes
March 2008

With this, our compilation closes out for better or worse. & this here is really JUST the kind of pretentious, arty shit that I tend to have a very high tolerance for!

The lyric repeats well past the point of stridency, the drum machine collides full-on with the opera-style singing, it’s all histrionics, electronics, & angular juxtaposition. Nothing even remotely, uh, punk about it, & yet it’s downright ostentatious in its audacity. It’s lush, it’s luxuriant, hey damn it’s gorgeous! The whole album is crazy like this.

Many, many people will dislike this, but shouldn’t everybody give it a try just once? Like escargot.

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