Sunday, November 1, 2009

DP update

Dirty Projectors at Bimbo’s 365 Club

San Francisco, CA

November 1, 2009

The bass player has grown a porn ‘stache. Or maybe it was just a fake one, left over from Halloween yesterday. Either way, it was a good omen: in direct contravention to my last post, Dirty Projectors clearly joined in the fun tonight. Dave & Amber were actually rocking out, bouncing around, jamming together. The drummer got so worked up he stripped off his shirt mid-set. Shit, even Angel was looking happy & cracking jokes! Dirty Projectors have been on the road for a good long time, now. & they no longer play like they’re Dave Longstreth’s hired crew. No. Finally, now, they’re a fucking band. The ensemble playing is tight, tighter than ever. But there’s an evident ease & fluidity to what these six individuals are doing together onstage now. They nailed it tonight. I’ll bet they’re doing that a lot lately.

I kept pretty good track of the set list, but I didn’t recognize the 1st song. It was just Dave alone; his guitar playing had a guttural quality I don't think I'd heard before, so I'm guessing it's an old song dug out from the trunk. Or maybe it's a new one, pointing to changes afoot. Apart from that gap, my notes have the set as follows:


Ascending Melody

No Intention

Temecula Sunrise

Two Doves

Spray Paint (the Walls)

The Bride

Cannibal Resource

Remade Horizon

Stillness is the Move

Useful Chamber

When the World Comes to an End

Knotty Pine (encore)

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